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The sequence of learning does not end with a right answer; reward right answers with follow-up questions that extend knowledge and test for reliability. This technique is especially important for differentiating instruction.


When students finally get an answer all the way right, there’s a temptation, often justified, to respond by saying “good” or “yes” or by repeating the right answer, and that’s that. However, the learning can and should continue after a correct answer has been given. Therefore it's great to respond to right answers by asking students to answer a different or tougher question or by using questioning to make sure that a right answer is repeatable, that is, the student knows how to get similar right answers again and again.The technique of rewarding right answers with more questions is called "Stretch It!"

Adding Rigour

When students have mastered parts of an idea, using Stretch It lets you give them exciting ways to push ahead, applying their knowledge in new settings, thinking on their feet, and tackling harder questions. This keeps them engaged and sends the message that the reward for achievement is more knowledge.

Use the buttons above to see examples of how "Stretch It!" can be used in your lessons.

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Click on the image to download the 'Walk Thru'

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